This is the most important thing in sports. Can be hung on the wall a poster with a figure of dreams or constantly think about any achievement to which you aspire, for example, to run a certain distance, to prove to yourself that you can. Imagine how happy you'll feel, breaking its goal and will continue to progress. Your life will change significantly with the presence in it of physical culture, a previously unknown possibilities, will be new acquaintances.

Bad habits

Needless to say, you should quit Smoking, reduce alcohol, and it is better to completely erase from his life. The point is not even how much you drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, and the style of your life. Think about whether there is a positive effect from bad habits and what benefits they bring you? For getting rid of harmful habits and their negative consequences you will have to connect their willpower, and perseverance, but believe me, it will be worth it.

Search for friends with common interests

To begin a new lesson, very hard, and even harder not to quit after a couple of sessions. In order to prevent this, find yourself a friend. Keep your partner, motivate, share success, ways of achieving the goal. Also you can compete, the competition will motivate both of you.


Now in every village you can find a decent gym or fitness center, you can buy a ticket. The Internet to find the exercises, their correct execution. You can set home the horizontal bar and parallel bars, to buy a treadmill or exercise bike, thus you will get access to exercises at any time.


Many throwing sports as a result of mistakes, missed workouts are postponed until tomorrow, and tomorrow will be too lazy. It's just an excuse and people understand it, but it's hard to overcome yourself again and get to go to class. In this case, you need to go to the gym and catch up and in any case not to procrastinate.

Laziness is your only enemy, defeat it and exercise, be healthy.