Advice 1: How to get yourself to exercise

Everyone wants to have a beautiful, slender body, and should understand that without proper attitude and effort cannot achieve this. A huge number of people makes up reasons to not exercise. The lack of time, energy, finances, health, a mother cat and many other excuses, to cover their own laziness. Without difficulty not catch fish from the pond, and without desire nothing happens. Sport makes you stronger, more confident, makes you feel better. There is one major caveat that prevents your physical and mental harmony, it's laziness. And your task is to defeat her.
How to get yourself to exercise



This is the most important thing in sports. Can be hung on the wall a poster with a figure of dreams or constantly think about any achievement to which you aspire, for example, to run a certain distance, to prove to yourself that you can. Imagine how happy you'll feel, breaking its goal and will continue to progress. Your life will change significantly with the presence in it of physical culture, a previously unknown possibilities, will be new acquaintances.

Bad habits

Needless to say, you should quit Smoking, reduce alcohol, and it is better to completely erase from his life. The point is not even how much you drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, and the style of your life. Think about whether there is a positive effect from bad habits and what benefits they bring you? For getting rid of harmful habits and their negative consequences you will have to connect their willpower, and perseverance, but believe me, it will be worth it.

Search for friends with common interests

To begin a new lesson, very hard, and even harder not to quit after a couple of sessions. In order to prevent this, find yourself a friend. Keep your partner, motivate, share success, ways of achieving the goal. Also you can compete, the competition will motivate both of you.


Now in every village you can find a decent gym or fitness center, you can buy a ticket. The Internet to find the exercises, their correct execution. You can set home the horizontal bar and parallel bars, to buy a treadmill or exercise bike, thus you will get access to exercises at any time.


Many throwing sports as a result of mistakes, missed workouts are postponed until tomorrow, and tomorrow will be too lazy. It's just an excuse and people understand it, but it's hard to overcome yourself again and get to go to class. In this case, you need to go to the gym and catch up and in any case not to procrastinate.

Laziness is your only enemy, defeat it and exercise, be healthy.

Advice 2: How to get yourself to quit Smoking

Smoking – harm, it is known to every schoolboy. There is no smoker who would not dream to get rid of this habit, every day before going to sleep thinking about how to get yourself to quit Smoking, and getting up with the question of where the cigarettes. To really bring myself to give up nicotine, you need to gather all his willpower.
To force myself to abandon the nicotine, you need to gather all my willpower
Define for yourself why you want to quit Smoking? The more reasons you find, the better.
Write down all the reasons in a notebook, Smoking is more a psychological addiction, so the subconscious mind and psyche play a huge role. Read these notes daily or even several times a day.
Calculate how much you spend per month on buying cigarettes. And in the year? The resulting amount will force you to think once more.
Buy a few books about the dangers of Smoking and carefully reread. Use it will not bring, but you will know that you are not alone in your decision.
Start to quit Smoking is not Monday, today. Immediately force yourself to quit Smoking or gradually you choose, but if you will daily to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked by one, nothing out of this exercise will not work. Gradually, this bundle today, tomorrow or ten, the next day or three.
Purchase many small "snacks" – fish, chips, seeds, candy. Good apples, tangerines, fresh carrots, nuts. Constantly chew and drink plenty of fluids, better cold.
Start to do exercises. Physical exercise will give your body the "missing" depletion, which was achieved by the constant introduction of nicotine into the body.
Brush your teeth several times a day, use whitening toothpastes. A couple of weeks your teeth are noticeably whiter, brighter – at least some satisfaction from the lack of cigarettes.
Get ready to get better a few pounds, maybe even ten or fifteen.
Don't train your willpower, leaving cigarettes in her purse. Decided to quit Smoking cigarettes in the garbage disposal!
During the year, try to refrain from drinking. Any degree in the body – a reason to smoke.
How to make a girl to quit Smoking. When kind ladies with a cigarette admired. Doctors advise to start to plan a baby no earlier than six months after breaking up with addiction. How to quit Smoking girl? It is scientifically proven that, to the best of a variety of factors, primarily hormonal, there are differences between the way should quit Smoking man, and as a woman.
Useful advice
Many families who have Smoking family members, occasionally wondering how to force quit a loved one? Of course, without the knowledge of the smoker to use medicines or various folk remedies. In this case it is important the mood of the smoker, his personal desire and commitment to quit Smoking. You're as close to him man can only influence and contribute to the decision to give up cigarettes.

Advice 3: How to make yourself not to think about anything

Each of us notices that the head is constantly going on a monologue with yourself. Not a single minute passes without a thought. When a person begins to notice this monologue, it is more and more distracted by him. Some can't even sleep because the thoughts haunt. To many it seems impossible to stop the flow.
How to make yourself not to think about anything
Force stop your inner monologue - the problem is not the easiest. The main action here is simple instruction – don't think. The question is how to ensure that not to think. Many can not do it, and just do not understand how to stop this process of deliberation. Try not to think and not to follow the thoughts that are in your head. Wherever you go, practice "neumania". But there is a caveat. Don't suppress your thoughts will. It will not lead to good results, besides you have lost the desire to practice.
In order not to suppress the will of their thoughts, to distract. Once you begin to practice the distraction from the thoughts, the demand for them will begin to disappear. Allow yourself to fully dive in. Performing any task or business, try to concentrate on it. The concentration will allow for greater attention to certain activities, the achievement of which you need. This extraneous thoughts go away, because your brain deems them unnecessary at this point. Even just walking down the street, you will concentrate on your breathing, your inner monologue will immediately stop unnecessary.
One way to stop thoughts is yoga. Practicing asanas (postures) in yoga, you will have to focus only on them. Performing repetitive motion and staying in them for a certain time, your thoughts will disappear. Yoga also includes breathing techniques which will also help you in stopping your thoughts.
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