Comparison of morning and evening runs

Many believe it is the morning run is most useful. Morning Jogging is practiced in 30-40 minutes after awakening, often on an empty stomach. Not everyone can make the morning such a feat, but some people do experience an increased surge of energy after waking up.

Beginners may have a serious problem with willpower. Yet if the motivation is strong enough it is better to choose evening runs. Which are not awake, the body is stressed under load, the person risks to earn injury.
To accustom himself to a morning jog, prepare sports equipment in advance. Thus, after waking up will not need to pack. You can sit quietly and drink tea or coffee.

The morning run will be a godsend for people living in the big city. The traffic early in the morning is minimized, and you can breathe the cleanest air. However, we need to get up really early.

An important advantage of running in the morning before the evening is safety. It is naive to believe that twilight Jogging near the shelterbelt is completely safe. Women are generally better not to tempt fate this way, choosing in the evening a public place.

Another advantage of morning workouts is easy for her to find the time. If a person decided to go Jogging in the morning, it is enough to get up an hour earlier. Thus it is very convenient to do for those who have booked up for the day until the evening.

In the case of formal training, it really will have to find the time. You need to correctly deal with all cases until the evening, but it is not always possible. During the day, increasing fatigue, including physical.

A busy man will the whole day through, does he have time to work out. Can happen so that the day determination lost because of fatigue. Training through force will not bring benefits to the body.

Morning running is good and pleasant because it gives a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole next day. It accelerates metabolism, the effect lasts for many hours. This means that the process of weight loss continues after the end of the lesson.
In hot weather running is before sunrise is the ideal solution. During the night the air has time to cool a little, but in the evening it will be still quite hot.

What time to choose is right for you?

Thus, at the first opportunity to better tolerate exercise in the morning. The experience of many busy people, so it is possible to stay in shape amid the frantic rhythm of life.

At the weekend you can give yourself some slack and choose the evening. If you the whole day sitting in front of the TV or at the computer, evening Jogging will give you great satisfaction. For effective fat burning to spend the evening training of not earlier than in 1,5 hours after a meal.