You will need
  • forms of documents, computer, printer, A4 paper, pen, printing company, documents of the employee
Make a proposal to temporarily transfer the employee to another position in another structural unit. In the header of the proposal, write the name of the company surname, name and patronymic of the employeewho is transferred to another job. Write the reason of transfer, term, name of structural divisions, posts. The proposal shall be signed by the Director of the enterprise, puts his signature, surname and initials. Employee writes their consent, opposition to data transfer indicates the time and date for the work in the new office, puts his signature, his name and initials.
Execute a supplementary agreement to the employment contract, indicate the number and date of conclusion of the employment contract. Write the date of entry into force of the agreement and its duration. On the one hand to be signed by the head of the company, on the other – transferred to another job worker. Make this agreement in two copies, seal. Specify that the agreement is an integral part of the employment contract.
If for reasons of health or other good reason, the employee does not wish to transfer to another position, the employee writes a letter of refusal addressed to the Director of the organization. Specifies the reason for the refusal of translation, offers a medical certificate to the application. The employee puts his / her signature, surname, initials, date of writing the application. The Director puts the resolution on the application, for example: "you don't mind. To release from temporary transfer...", puts his signature.
The payment to the employee transferred to another position, produce not less than the average wage in the previous job depending on the duties assigned to him.
There are cases when there is no need to prescribe in the contract of employment the reason of transfer to another position, to warn the employee, to obtain his consent for a period up to one month. The cases prescribed in part 2 of article 72.2 of the Labor code.