The duration of a fixed leave: 126 days, 70 of which occur in the period before the birth and 56 after confinement. However, if you have before the birth of vacation days turned out less, the total duration of leave does not change, but the required days added to the leave after confinement. If you have had two or more children, or were any complications (which can be documented), the leave is increased to 140 days, and for preferential categories of citizens (particularly victims of Chernobyl) – up to 180.
To go on leave before the birth, you need to register at the antenatal clinic or the clinic, otherwise hospital sheet you will draw only from the moment of birth.
If you work officially, under an employment contract, the vacation you will be paid 100% of your average income (salary) for the last six months. That is, the employer will calculate your average daily (or hourly) wage multiplied by the number of days (hours) vacation.
To receive holiday pay, you need to come to the personnel Department and to bring the corresponding application and the hospital that you should give out at the thirtieth week, which began your maternity leave.
Maternity leave you must pay in full (no matter how many days you got before birth) in the next pay day. The company will receive this amount back from the state social Fund.
If you learn, maternity will give you the amount of the monthly scholarship. Unemployed persons registered at the employment center, receive maternity leave in the amount of unemployment benefits. In this case, getting the money in the hospital, you will be removed from the register in the employment center.
Remember that by law you cannot be fired due to pregnancy that covers all the period of maternity leave. The only possible case is a liquidation of the company, but even in this case, you can only be fired with mandatory employment. Also you can't demote and salary.