You will need
  • The labour Code of the Russian Federation, Federal law No. 255-FZ, dated 29.12.06 "On compulsory social insurance against temporary disability and in connection with motherhood"
All legal aspects of the decree are mentioned in the article 255 of the Labor Code. If you accompany the employee on maternity leave, know that the vacation the woman maternity is available on application to the head of the company Annex medical opinion. Such a conclusion would be a medical certificate issued by the women's consultation, maternity hospital or other medical institution.
Taking the sick list, view its design. This is important because in the future the Department of social protection will reimburse the employer which he spent on the payment of sick leave. And if the design is incorrect, you will return the paper for revision.Total of such sick leave is given for at least 140 days (70 days before birth and 70 days after childbirth). With multiples, respectively 84 days and 110 days. In complicated childbirth, maternity leave is extended by 16 days, i.e. in the hospital will receive an additional sick leave. In the certificate specify the start and end dates of the hospital.
After acceptance of the application and the hospital issue an order on maternity leave. When birth complications arise later, you will carry additional sick leave, which also issue an order. One copy is filed in the personnel Department, the second is given to the accounting Department for payment. Familiarize the employee with this order under the signature and make the necessary notes on the decree in its personal card.
Very often the employee is asked to round up their paid annual leave before the maternity leave, i.e. to attach them. Be aware that in accordance with article 260 of the Labor Code you are entitled to refuse her, regardless of her work experience at your company. Thus, the future nekretnina takes his annual vacation and after the first, not going to work out in the decree.