Almost every woman goes through this condition as pregnancy. Some women have no problem getting to work, spend the required hours and can easily go home. Others in the period of carrying the baby feel a great fatigue; exacerbated previous health problems, edema, tone and pressure. Often there are situations when a woman needs medical treatment or even hospitalization. Pregnancy is a huge burden on the body, with which to cope.
Normally proceeding pregnancy lasts about 280 days or 40 weeks. According to article 255 of the Labor Code, women on their application are granted leave for pregnancy and childbirth by duration of 70 calendar days before childbirth and 70 calendar days after childbirth (in case of singletons). Ie a woman goes on maternity leave at 30 weeks of pregnancy.
There are several ways to go on maternity leave earlier than planned.
If you have problems with health make an appointment with a local therapist and complain to poor health. The doctor will prescribe the sick list, allowing legally not to go to work. If there is some specific disease, you can consult a narrow specialist: cardiologist, neurologist, etc.
In complicated pregnancy, the threat of miscarriage or other problems, consult a doctor-gynecologist, watching your pregnancy. He will be able to refer you to hospital for treatment or observation of the fetus. After treatment, the hospital also issued a sick-list.
Write the application on holiday. In accordance with article 260 of the Labor Code before maternity leave at a woman's request is granted annual paid leave regardless of length of work for a given employer. Ie you are given the opportunity to "expire" a month to 30 weeks gestation.
If you have older children up to 14 years, in the case of illness of a child the local pediatrician will be able to give you sick leave to care for a child at any time, regardless of the duration of pregnancy.
In any case, the woman is alone or with the help of your doctor will be able to solve the issue of earlier maternity leave. After all, the priority here is always calm women and healthy, full-term baby.