Use a special configuration 1C "Accounting for Ukraine". Note that automatic registration of the hospital, based on data on wages, has not been implemented, and is in the project, developers of the specialized accounting program.
Click "Pay" select a directory "a Way of reflection of salaries in regulated accounting". In this directory you need to create two economic operations to reflect the hospital in two ways. According to the first method, the sick leave accrued by the company. According to the second embodiment is the accrual of sick leave the social insurance Fund.
Create the first element of the hospital by the company, specifying the name of your organization, the debit account, which is used during the calculation, a credit score of 663 ("Calculations on other payments"), and define tax purposes.
In the second element - the hospital at the expense of the social insurance Fund - complete the same data. Here the debit account need to insert 652 ("social insurance") and the credit to use the same, 663 ("Calculations on other payments"). Select the tax purpose.
Calculate the hospital taking into account that the first five days will be paid by the company. A medical certificate confirming the incapacity to work for more than five calendar days, pay the social insurance Fund. In accordance with the new law, sick leave for child care as benefit for pregnancy and childbirth, as well as the funeral allowance, calculated also from the Fund.
Charge with the nearest hospital salary for the first five days of leaf of disability. Over the following days, the company also provides funds to the employee, but after a certain procedure. You should on behalf of your company submit an application to the social insurance Fund, containing information on the amounts of material support that has accrued.
Make sure the transfer from the Fund to the special account for your organization. They should arrive in the period of ten working days. Give the employee the money from the nearest wage.