First of all, check with the phone number of your SIM card. To do this, dial *105#. Select "help" and then "phone Number". For a few seconds this information will be available to you. You can also obtain information from the contract concluded with the operator.
To use terminals, which are located in various shops, offices of the cellular companies. Please note that some devices charge a Commission fee. Suppose you need to recharge. Visit the salons of cellular communication "Euroset", "Svyaznoy", or other. The display of the terminal, click "mobile Payment". Select your mobile operator, that is, MegaFon (in some devices you need to specify the region). Enter the phone number, Deposit funds into the bill acceptor. After that, click "Next" or "Pay". Take your receipt and don't throw it away until then, until the funds are transferred to your personal account.
Replenish the balance using Bank cards. For this you can use the ATM. Insert a plastic card in the designated cell, enter the pin code. In the menu select "Payment services". Next, select operator, enter the ten digit number. Click "Next". Enter the payment amount and click "Pay".
Also you can transfer money with the help of the service offices. To do this you need to contact the employee to call the phone number and the payment amount.
If you have an electronic wallet (for example, on the website, refill your account with it. Go to your personal page in the system, select the service type ("Mobile communications"). In the list of mobile operators locate the "MegaFon" and click on the item that matches your region, for example, "MegaFon Moscow branch". Enter the ten digit phone number and the amount in rubles. Then confirm the payment.