To pay for home Internet you can to the nearest post office along with payment receipts for telephone services. There you will be given proof of payment and receipt.
If you have access to the Internet via modem Beeline, MegaFon or MTS, can pay for the services via the Internet. You must purchase a payment card of any denomination. This map is unified and requires activation. You need to go to the official website of the representative cellular and register in the Personal Cabinet. Next, enter the codes shown in the map serial number and secret code, which is under a protective layer on the reverse side of the card. Click "Activate". After that, the operation for payment home Internetand to be completed.
You can also resort to using a credit card. With this tool you can make payments from the comfort of home. To do this, replenish the card balance via Bank-Client or similar interface to mail to the payee's account.
Can I pay for home Internet and using electronic payments. For example, by transfer of funds from the purse WebMoney, Yandex-money, etc., After debiting you will receive a notification by e-mail.
Often payments for the use of the Internetom performed in the Bank branches. You need to fill the payment receipt and to transfer funds directly. To do this, scan the receipt and send it to the recipient's name to confirm payment.
To pay for your home Internet easily through payment terminals, which are now very much. They are convenient and easy to use. To do this, press the button for the desired function. Next, enter the required receipt of payment for the amount on the terminal screen. Into a hole, Deposit cash paper money, then you will see that the operation completed successfully, and will receive a check for payment.