Advice 1: How to pay for the Internet Megaphone

Users 3G-modem from "the Megaphone" the cellular operator offers the perfect opportunity to access the Internet almost anywhere in the country. To pay for communication services is also possible without problems in the presence of a nearby phone store or a store with a specially equipped for this purpose terminals.
How to pay for the Internet Megaphone
You will need
  • terminal;
  • phone;
  • - SIM card for Internet access.
When the balance on the modem is close to zero, it's time to take care of the Deposit. This can be done in several ways. The easiest terminal via any payment system. Such machines are equipped with many shops and shopping malls.
Go to the payment terminal, select "Payment services". Then select "Cellular" and specify the operator. If you do not know the name of the operator, do not worry. Simply type in a special window the phone number of the SIM card, through which you access the Internet. Please note that you need to enter the ten digit number - without eight.
Please check the rooms, then make the money on the account. Note that the terminal date does not.
If you have a Bank card, you can link it to the number of the SIM card of the modem and to replenish the account by sending special SMS messages. You can also connect number modem the "Autopayment" service, allowing for threshold disable to send the specified amount from the account of your Bank card to the mobile phone or modem. In this case, the replenishment of the account will be made without any commissions. The account will come the amount specified by you when the service of automatic payment.
Transfer funds from your phone to your modem ATM. To do this, insert into the hole Bank card, enter the pin and select "Payment services". Next, select "Cellular" ("Cell operators") and select your carrier. Enter the ten digit phone number, a SIM card which you use to access the Internet, recharge amount and click "Pay".
For Sberbank clients this can be done from the comfort of home. To do this with a Bank card (e.g., Bank) is sufficient to obtain access to the system "Sberbank online", go to your personal account and make the payment.
Service recharge provide employees of all post offices. To take advantage of this offer, go to any post office and tell the operator your phone number (modem) and the amount you intend to Fund the balance.
If you use the electronic system "WebMoney" or "Yandex.Money", you can also pay for the Internet from "the Megaphone".

Advice 2: How to pay via Yandex-money

Payment through "Yandex.Money"is a popular form of payment over the Internet. Holders of e-wallets in the system can purchase the most diverse goods and services, without leaving your computer. Resources working with this form of settlement, the network is sufficient.
How to pay via Yandex-money
You will need
  • - purse in system "Yandex.Money";
  • - the amount for payment;
  • - the account number of the recipient or his e-mail "Yandex" (not in all cases).
To find the desired resource in two ways. The first is to log into the system "Yandex.Money", follow the link and use catalog search. Various goods and services in it related to the relevant thematic groups.The user is required to go to the desired section, select the desired resource and make the payment. In the payment form enter a user ID from his interest of the seller (such as a contract with Internet service provider (ISP) and payment amount. The system then requests a payment password, and after correct entry of the debits money from the account.
Another method of search is through the online store (as conventionally as such can be called any website accepting payment on the network). Information about possible ways of payment are normally present on the main page of each such resource or in the section dedicated to payment methods.When ordering a website sooner or later prompts you to select a form of payment. At this stage it is necessary to give preference to "Yandex.Money", noting this option is ticked or clicking on it with the mouse.Then the site asks you to log into the payment system and before sending money to enter the payment password.
Widely practiced (although not formally approved by the rules "Yandex.Money") transactions made through the system between private users. For example, payment by the customer of the work performed for him by the freelancer. In this case the contractor informs the account number in the system, and the customer gives it the agreed amount from your electronic purse.To transfer you need to log into the system, follow the link "Translate" and enter the recipient's account number or the address of his e-mail "Yandex", the payment amount and payment password.

Advice 3: How to pay for the services of MegaFon

The services of mobile operator "MegaFon" can be paid in different ways – cash, money transfer, Bank card or e-wallet or by using a special card "the Megaphone".
How to pay for the services of MegaFon
You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - cash;
  • - Bank card;
  • - electronic wallet ("Yandex-Money");
  • - payment card of "MegaFon"
Will pay cash. This can be done via ATM. With MegaFon, Sberbank cooperate, Master-Bank, Promsvyazbank, VTB credit Bank of Moscow, PSB and several other banks. Make money on cell phone bill also can be in the office sales and service. You can put the money through terminals of instant payment "Kiwi", "CyberPlat", "JCB" and "Rapid". In addition, to pay for the services of "MegaFon" in post offices and in network pharmacies and stores ("36 and 6", "Sitistor", "Eldorado", "WORLD", "Island", "Crossroads", "Spar", "Tekhnosila").
Fund your account by credit card. The service is available to holders of Visa Bank cards (including electronic) and MastеrCard (except electronic cards). Anytime anywhere and without a fee, you can automatically recharge your account and make remote payments, by connecting a special service to "anchor" the Bank card to the mobile phone. By registering the card, you can top up the balance – both their own and other clients of "MegaFon" through SMS, USSD command, or a voice menu.
Use "Yandex-Money". Translate them from an electronic wallet on a mobile phone.
Buy a card payment. Payment card gives you the opportunity to recharge to users of all tariff plans of a network "Megaphone" (including the subscribers of "light"). Card of "MegaFon" of different values are implemented in kiosks, shops and specialized outlets. By purchasing the card, it is necessary to replenish the balance via USSD, SMS or free call (the details for these options are described in the user application to the card of "MegaFon").
With the help of the gadget "MegaFon Balance" be conveniently monitored by their mobile phone via the Internet in real time.
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