You will need
  • soda, soap;
  • -iodine;
  • -propolis;
  • -Kombucha;
  • -wine vinegar, potassium permanganate, salt, soda;
  • -ammonia.
For the proper treatment of fungal diseases it is necessary to identify its causative agent and to make an accurate diagnosis. Unfortunately, to cure the fungus is impossible, and if someone could, purely by chance. But instead of spending time and money on the treatment at random, better to use the advice of experts.
To carry out the treatment of the fungus should be long and consistently. In any case, don't throw it, achieving the first positive results. Otherwise you will have to start all over again. Relapses occur due to the fact that the nail grows slowly, and the drug does not have time to linger in the body at the time of his regeneration.
If you have a fungus only in the initial stage, can be limited to local treatment: apply to affected area twice a day antifungal agents – ointments, creams or special solutions. But before you treat the nails as follows:make a bath of solution of soda (1 tbsp.) and soap (50 g) in hot water and put it in her hands for a quarter of an hour.Treat nail clippers and scissors, removing the affected places. But remember to use the same tools on healthy and diseased nails is impossible. Instead of ointments or creams can be used with antifungal lacquers, which are sold in pharmacies.
Here are some popular folk remedies used in the treatment of early stages of fungus. Please note that in most cases these methods give temporary improvement, but not cure the disease.Twice a day treat areas affected by fungus, of a 5% solution of iodine for three weeks.
The propolis extract (20% tincture) to lubricate the affected areas. After that, instead of the patient growing healthy nail.
Tie at night to the affected nail a small piece of Kombucha. By morning softened the nail should be cut. To use this tool you need to until the disease passes.
Keep for 10 minutes a day hands in the bath with a strong solution of vinegar, then rinse hands in a solution of potassium permanganate. Then lower the hands in a basin with a solution of salt and soda. Treatment should be during the week.
Hold hands a quarter of an hour in the bath with an aqueous solution of ammonia. To prepare the solution requires 1 part ammonia to 4 parts warm water. After bath, hand be sure to wipe dry and apply the cream.
If these measures do not help, you should go to the antibiotics, but only after assigning them to you individually.
Simultaneously with the direct antifungal action take care of increase the body's resistance to disease. For this important full-fledged fortified food, leisure, walking, playing sports.