You will need
  • - administrator account on the computer.
If you need to increase the resolution of the webcamera in order to image quality in Skype was better, change this setting in the video settings. Please note that this will mean changing the resolution of the camera only for this one program.
Also make sure that the speed of your Internet connection and the connection speed of the users of "Skype", with which you make calls, allows transmission of video call with the same resolution. The same applies to other programs to make calls over the Internet, for example, for the Mail Agent. The settings of some of these programs can change the global settings of the camerathat could affect it when you use other applications on your computer, but this happens rarely.
Open the utility, which is installed together with the driver webcamera on your computer. It set the resolution and video quality of your device, then these settings will be valid for all programs on your computer, one way or another involve the web camera in their work, if they do not have individual settings that would override standard one.
To set a different resolution for the webcam open on your computer the driver for this device. In its settings you will see the resolution, sharpness, image quality, edit them to your liking. You can also set applied to the image color profile and other settings depending on laptop model. This item is available mostly in cases if you use built-in computer webcam and drivers for it are installed along with the software to the motherboard. In this case also it will be useful to install an additional program for managing settings of the camera.