You will need
  • computer;
  • - the camera;
  • - a video capture device.
Make sure your digital camera can work in the mode of the webcam. To do this, connect it to the TV and put it into video recording mode. Make sure that the camera is able to transmit the video signal of international standard quality. If it can stream video, you can connect the camera to Skype.
Perform the operation for the transmission of streaming video from the cameraand the PC with capture. Use this video capture device (video card or tuner input) and composite input (Tulip). Connect the cable from the camera to the device to use the camera as a web camera.
Install driver for video capture cards, which allows you to record to the hard drive. He can't broadcast the video to the Internet. You need to perform the interception and redirection of the signal. Use the free app SplitCam.
Download the program at the link Install it on your computer. Connect the adapter to the computer or the tuner, i.e. a video capture device. To composite input switch on the cable and connect it to the output of the digital camera. Set the on camera timer the sleep timer for maximum time.
Use a program that comes with the recorder to verify that the picture from the camera is transmitted to it. Then run the SplitCam app. Go to menu "File", then "video Source" and select your device by installing it near the box. Then go to menu "Options", click Advertisements and select the check box in the Exchange ad and video windows to move the image from the video in a larger window.
Run Skype. If the program does not offer to check the quality of the video to select the input source manually. To do this go to menu "Tools", select "Settings" – "video Settings", then click "Select webcam" drop-down menu you need to note SplitCam Capture.