Operating systems Windows version XP management orientation of the image on the screen is via the appropriate settings in the graphics card drivers. Depending on the type installed in your computer graphics card access the corresponding settings will be organized in different ways. For example, if using nVidia products you need to find in the notification area on the taskbar icon and click it once with the left mouse button. In the pop-menu, expand "Settings for rotation, and then click "Rotate 180 degrees .
You can do the same in another way- click the Wallpaper desktop right click and select "NVIDIA control Panel in the pop-up menu. In the left frame of the window panel of nVidia to select "Turn display on the right, select "180 degrees (Reversed landscape) . Then click "Apply and close the window pane nVidia.
On Windows operating systems later change the screen orientation can be realized by means of the system. To do this, click the background picture on the desktop and select "screen Resolution to open a separate window of the display settings. It expand the dropdown list "Orientation , select "landscape (flipped) and click "OK .
In Windows Vista and Windows 7 there is another way to flip the image on the monitor screen. In the context menu invoked by clicking on the background image of the desktop, go to "graphics Options and expand the section "Turn . Select "180 degrees and the OS will invert the image.