You will need
  • - plastic cover from the banks;
  • - alcohol or vodka;
  • a syringe or rubber bulb;
  • the solutions for soaking of the cartridge.
The possibility of recovery of the cartridge depends on how long he stood in the dried state. During the period of a few weeks, the chances to revive it are large enough. If we are talking about months, you can try to return the cartridge back to life, but the probability of success is small.
There are several ways to restore dried ink cartridges. Try the easiest, then, if no result, move on to more complex recovery options. For the first procedure, prepare the plastic cover from the jar, syringe, and alcohol or vodka. Pour the alcohol into the cap and then dip it in the cartridge print head down. Let the cartridge soak for several hours, then remove it from the alcohol. Insert the syringe into the top hole and powerful jets of air from a syringe try blowing the cartridge.
If it fails try the next method. Put the gas on a pot of water, wait until it boils. After that 3-5 seconds, put the dried head of the cartridge under a jet of steam. Be careful: do not overdo the cartridge in the steam jet, otherwise you can spoil! Try blowing the cartridge with syringe, then re-enter in pairs, and so five times. This option allows you to clean even thoroughly dried cartridges. Apply it directly you should not pre-soak the cartridge in alcohol.
If steam did not help to clean the cartridge, try soak it in a specially prepared solutions. The period of incubation in each within a day. For the first procedure you will need acid solution composition: 10% essence acetic acid, 10% alcohol, 80% distilled water. For the second prepare a neutral solution of 10% glycerol, 10% ethanol and 80% distilled water. The third alkaline solution: 10% ammonia, 10% spirit, 10% glycerin and 70% distilled water.
The use of different solutions is a very good method as the successive change of environment from acidic to alkaline can dissolve even the toughest deposits. After storage in each solution try to blow out the cartridge with a syringe. Instead of a syringe, you can use a rubber bulb.