You will need
  • - insulin syringe of 1 ml;
  • - Cologne;
  • the napkin is.
Color cartridge still soak in Cologne. This wetted tissue paper (in any case not cotton!) and cartridge set print head on a tissue for 5 minutes.
Secondly, when filling the air entered in a syringe, since it was impossible to tighten the ink without sucking air, so the decision was made to pull with the syringe air (or rather, a needle pulling air through nozzles foam!) before the appearance of the paint. Although it did not help, however, quite likely, contributed to the restoration of the cartridge.
And that's the secret! I took a syringe (without needle!) and began to suck the air from the print head itself. A minute later there was ink, and managed to print and photocopied the image with red paint, and then black.