Complete rinsing of the cartridge in the following cases: if you are going to fill the cartridge with ink of another type or another brand to avoid chemical reaction; if the cartridge have not been used, and it has zagustel or dried up remnants of old ink; if you want to restore the absorbent properties of the sponge holding the ink.
Take a sharp knife. With it, remove the top plastic cover from the cartridge. Pre-prepare the place where you are going to flush the cartridge. Preferably the table lay a newspaper or paper towel because the ink washed hard. This precaution is desirable since even when the printer informs that a cartridge empty and it is time to fill, some minor, some ink is still left.
Remove the sponge from the cartridge inkjet printer and put them in a bowl with clean water. Take an ordinary syringe 10-20 ml using a warm water rinse all accessible parts of the cartridge in such a way that they were not remnants of the old ink. Then lay them to dry.
Remove the head of the cartridge from the detergent. Finally to clean the cartridge, soak the sponge in a large amount of running water. Rinse until until all of the jaws will not begin to flow clear water. It may take some time. Please note that after began to leak clean water, the sponge retained its color, but became much paler.
Take some distilled water and rinse them again. Squeeze and put to dry. After all of the cartridge is dry, return the sponge to its original place. The plastic cartridge cover also return to its original place and secure with glue. Then you can fill the cartridge and install it in the printer.