In the case of HP you can use both. Now all ink for HP cartridge black pigment, so that the washing must be appropriate. Color cartridges – repigmentize, they need more rinsing.
Make sure the ink impregnated sponge completely to the bottom of the cartridge. If impregnation is incomplete, the cartridge simply will not print. This carelessness is a large part of errors when filling the printer by non-professionals.
Follow the instructions supplied with the printer to initiate the operation of pumping nozzles of the head. Operation is activated by the HP Toolbox. After that, the printer needs to print properly.
If that doesn't work, rinse the cartridge under running hot water. Bring it to water the plot on which are arranged nozzles (i.e., ink out), hold 2-3 seconds, no more! DAB the cartridge with a towel or dry with a Hairdryer (make sure the temperature was not too large), then reinsert it into the printer and run several times the operation of cleaning the nozzle head through the HP Toolbox.
If this does not work, take a disposable syringe without a needle (you will not need it), stick your fingers four or five holes, insert the syringe into the remaining hole and press the plunger of the syringe. It will create pressure that will drive the ink at the nozzles of the cartridge. Better to do it over the sink so as not to perpacket all around.
If the cartridge was in the Desk a couple of weeks or even more, then most likely it is just dried up. If this happens, rinse with warm water the foam in the cartridge a few times. You can also do the internal wash liquid, and then put the cartridge in a warm place to dry.
Then try to fill it with ink and type. Finally it is possible to load only the print head in hot water (boiling water) for a couple of hours. If there are serious blockages, add water, 50% alcohol.