You will need
  • A sharp knife, glue, medical syringe, a lot of running water.
Inkjet cartridges usually need to be washed in several cases: - before filling the cartridge with ink that is different from the previous example by the type or the manufacturer. This is done to prevent possible chemical reactions between different inks; - when refilling the old, have not used a cartridge in which the ink has had time to thicken and dry up; - to restore the absorbent properties of the sponge that holds the ink, after a few reloads.
First, using a sharp knife must be removed from the cartridge top plastic cover. To do this, as, in principle, and all subsequent steps, preferably over a newspaper spread out in several layers, or oilcloth. The procedure is not particularly difficult, but can be very dirty, because some part of the ink is all the same certainly in the body of the cartridge left. Sponge paint removed and placed in the bath (jars, cups - does not matter) with clean water. The body of the cartridge, including all available holes, such as nozzle, carefully washed with lukewarm water using a conventional medical syringe. After that all the details are left to dry.
Flushing cartridge nozzles
Removed from the body of the cartridge, the sponge should be rinsed thoroughly in large quantities of running water until, until it starts to flow clean water. After washing the sponge will keep the coloration, but the shade of color will be much lighter. Final rinse ideally performed in distilled water, and then sponge to press and dry. In fact, the dried sponge placed in the cartridge into place, the cover is fixed by glue, the cartridge is washed and ready for dressing.
Washed sponges for paint