Advice 1: How to clean light suede boots

Shoes made of suede light shades certainly looks very impressive. Good leather, slightly fitted leg creates a refined and noble manner. However, boots made of light suede, especially in the offseason with his mud and puddles require special attention in care.
How to clean light suede boots
You will need
  • - a suede brush;
  • - ammonia;
  • water;
  • Vata;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • - milk;
  • - soda.
Before using your suede shoes do the preliminary preparation. Get a special protective spray and apply it on the boots. When processing do not forget about the shaft. Let shoes dry completely. Such a tool will protect the skin from moisture and dirt.
Get a special brush to care for suede. It can be made of rubber fibers or to have a stiffer texture reminiscent of a loose metal sponge. After using the shoes gently walk on the surface. Do it when the boots have dried, so as not to scratch the skin. Such brushes provide the mechanical cleaning of large dirt particles and dry dust. In addition, they slightly raise the NAP of the suede.
To clean suede boots from the more stubborn dirt, take 1 part of 10% ammonia and 4 parts water. Soak in this solution with a soft cloth or cotton wool and wipe the surface of the Shoe. When stains remain, wipe with a cotton swab soaked in clean water.
Shoe-polishing bright suede perfect milk. Markup teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of milk. According to the composition dampen the sponge and clean the surface of the boots. This mixture will gently "roll" the dirt particles. If after cleaning, in a similar way the boots have not returned your gentle pastel shade, you can use hydrogen peroxide. Dissolve a teaspoon of peroxide and apply soaked in this liquid with a cotton swab for particularly contaminated sites. You should not use this remedy too often: whiten boots bright suede not more than twice a month.
Suede is not a durable material. During the cleaning, proceed with extreme caution, because a small scratch can lead to the subsequent emergence of the gap.
Useful advice
Avoid wearing suede boots in wet weather. Even dirt less aggressive than water. On returning home use a special electric Shoe dryer.

Advice 2 : How to clean bright shoes

Bright shoes attract attention to your feet and greatly affects the entire image. Such shoes, however, like any other, require special care. Light tone shoes emphasizes the material from which it is made, the accessories and the quality of its performance. It is noticeable impurities and traces of time. Therefore, you should take into account some of the subtleties of caring for the shoesYu bright colors.
How to clean bright shoes
You will need
  • Cleaning and polishing tools for light shoes, brushes, sponges, napkins.
Prior to each exit to the street use special protective equipment. It is especially important not to forget that in cold and wet seasons. Now you can pick up good care light shoesYu subject material of the article. There is a special waterproof impregnation and coloring tools for suede and nubuck. Usually, Shoe store offers a wide range of such products, and you can consult the seller to care for your new pair of bright shoes.
Always clean your shoes after each use, given the material. Cleaning from dust and dirt, leather, suede and nobukawa shoes you need to carry out a dry rag cloth. Otherwise, you'll just RUB dirt into the skin. For cleaning stubborn dirt, get a special detergent. It is a strong foam tool easily removes stubborn dirt without changing the color and texture of the skin.
Use a crepe brush for suede erasers and sponges to care for the shoesYu of bright polished leather. This will help to preserve its appearance.
Give Shine to your smooth bright shoes special brush or cloth. Note the polishing agent bright smooth leather and other Shoe materials.
Treat the relief surface of the material of your shoes only with special tools. This applies to products made of reptile skin and leather with embossing. Be sure to use sponges for cleaning such surfaces. Their cleaning area is designed in such a way that allows you to clean the entire relief surface entirely, removing all existing dirt, while not affecting the color and material.
Take care of bright woven shoesth using this fluid medium. Easily penetrating into the weave, they clean any contamination and contribute to increased wear time.
Be sure to keep bright shoes in a separate box that will protect it from dust. It eats into the porous structure of the leather and other materials, of which made your shoes. This affects the colour and spoils the appearance.
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