The question of how to iron jeans, and ironed them at all, still relevant. Producers claim that under the conditions of washing, ironed jeans do not have. But, that's only if you wash the jeans at the temperature not more than 40 degrees (preferably by hand, avoid washing powders with bleaching properties (it is best tool for jeans washing – soap. Before washing be sure to fasten all the locks and buttons. Pressing jeans do not need, is only slightly squeeze them with your hands. Dry the jeans by hanging them by the belt on the pegs, in the fresh air avoiding direct sunlight. Jeans must be dry without kinks. Space bends quickly fade, thereby impairing appearance of the clothes. Under these conditions the jeans after washing are to look neat even without Ironing.
Ironing is considerably softens the fabric. And, if you really want to iron jeans, then there are certain rules the observance of which will help to maintain the high quality characteristics this kind of clothing.
To iron jeans is required on the reverse side, when they are still slightly damp.
When Ironing jeans be sure to cover with gauze or thin cloth. This will preserve the quality of the fabric and will allow more efficiently to iron "hard to reach" places.
In order for your jeans not remain traces from the pockets when Ironing, it is recommended to put a small piece of cloth (e.g. a handkerchief).
And the last one. Do not wear jeans as soon as soon as you have them stroked. You need to give them "cool down" and finally to dry. Otherwise, in the most convex areas jeans will quickly stretch.
And even if the jeans last a long time!