It all depends on the size of the garment. If it is large size, you can use the fan heater or Hairdryer. Small things, like socks and scarves, many people are dried on the Soviet lamps with stainless steel shade.
To thing quickly dried up, it will initially need a good squeeze. Things dried quickly, if it is wrapped in a dry towel made of cotton. It can be wrapped into a tube and a little ride on the surface of the table. The result of these actions, the towel absorbs the moisture.

If possible, the item can be ironed with an iron, then hang it for a few minutes to dry. Iron must be put to maximum power and gently iron the cloth on both sides. Then you need to hang the thing for 8 -15 minutes. While clothes hanging, optionally dry it with a Hairdryer. If you need to iron it again.

In General, blow drying is the most common solution to the problem. For best results, clean the clothes from all sides. Unfortunately, this procedure takes quite a long time. If you need to dry the Blues or a jacket, button it and let air flow into the mouth from below. Thus, the thing fills with hot air and dries quickly. The pants dried in the same way.