Remove the key from the ignition lock and remove the seat by means of a special key. However, do not forget that the first two are the wires, and you got the car wet, so be careful and don't scratch them when you remove the seat. To do this, disconnect the dedicated things, which are connected to the seat and remove the seat.
Remove the carpeting on the floor of the salonand it is on the edges of it remove the plastic trim near the coverage. Don't forget that they also must be washed and drier.
Dry sound-insulating layer, it is desirable to completely remove. It consists of foam, which is better to rinse well and remove, then dry well.
Wash the interior using special cleaning agents.
Go after dry cleaning of salonand a special vacuum cleaner, which serves to drain fluid. Then vacuum the entire interior of a conventional vacuum cleaner. Then wait when everything is completely dry, it is better to put the machine in a well ventilated dry room, and if in the street warm and Sunny weather, drying will not.
Assemble interior of the car, do not forget to connect things to the seats of the car and to fasten the bolts to the seats and the plastic covering the carpet.If drying and dry cleaning is done correctly, in compliance with all paragraphs of the user, as a result, you will not only be clean and dry, but the smell of fresh salon, which will be pleased to invite friends and loved ones.