If your first letter asking to pay the money for the defective goods followed by a refusal and the offer of expertise, you can order it yourself, if you doubt the integrity of the examination that will be conducted by the seller. The cost of an independent examination is usually 10% of the item price. If you have purchased an expensive item that was defective, the expert assessment could cost you "a pretty penny". You must return all the money spent.
When the production defect formally documented, re-write application for refund of amounts paid for the product and an independent examination. Refer to section 1 of article 18 of the law, which States that the seller is obliged to compensate the costs of its implementation.
A statement direct to the address of the commercial enterprise, where the product was purchased. Make a copy of the expert report and the original attach to the application a copy of the purchase receipt. In the vast majority of cases this mishap buyers end, and the seller satisfies their requirements.
When that happens, and your requirements remain unsatisfied, contact the court with the claim about money recovery. For this procedure you will have spent a lot of time, but it's worth it to the originally stated amount of benefits will be added and the interest amount. And it is 1% of the total amount owed for each overdue day. But that's not all: according to article 23 of the law, you can also ask the court for compensation of the caused moral harm. Its value may exceed the amount of the claim.
In the case of going to court, you as the consumer will not have to pay a fee. Choose any court in its discretion, it is your right established in article 17 of the law. In that case, if you present the court with the necessary evidence of his innocence, you have all chances to win the case.