First of all gather all the necessary documents confirming the fact of conducting operations in the clinic. You must be a medical card, contract with a medical facility, your insurance policy and other supporting documents: receipts, certificates, and more. If you carried out an examination of the results of treatment, be sure to refresh this document.
The next step is the choice of the skilled lawyer or firm which will handle your case. Of course, you can try to fight on their own, but many clinics, even when clearly visible effects of failed transactions, refuse to accept their job poorly. Therefore, in order not to waste time and your health, contact the legal office. Experts will not only help you get the money for the surgery, but will claim with clinic funds to compensate the moral damage you have suffered.
When contacting lawyers, you will receive the services of specialists in the field of medical law. They guarantee you the legally correct execution of all actions for compensation in a short time and with minimal costs. The lawyers quickly identify the best solution for your problem, prepare all necessary documents.
You will need only to sign a contract for the provision of legal services and calmly wait for the decision.
If you have decided to fight with the clinic to return the money for the failed transaction, then select the level to which you can apply for compensation for harm caused to a plastic surgeon in case of unsuccessful outcome of plastic surgery.
Submit a complaint to the health Ministry, local health Department. In this case, when the proof of guilt of the doctors, they get reprimanded and to be dismissed from work.
Contact the Prosecutor's office to initiate a criminal case against the clinic or, in particular, against a particular surgeon.
Contact the civil court for compensation for moral damage.
Another option is not to apply to state bodies and to speak first with the head of the clinic for a refund.
Note that any of these processes will be lengthy, as the clinic is unlikely to immediately agree to your satisfaction, so tune in for a long grueling fight for their money.