Advice 1: How to write a claim for a refund

The legislation allows consumers to claim a refund of the money spent on a product or service if they were of poor quality or not fit for him for other reasons. The first and often sufficient step in this way writing becomes a claim in the organization where you purchased the product or service.
How to write a claim for a refund
You will need
  • computer;
  • printer;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - a copy machine;
  • - mailing envelope;
  • - the form of notification of delivery of postal item.
Claim, as any official document should contain information about who and whom it is addressed, as well as the coordinates for communication with the dissatisfied customer.In the role of addressee is usually the head of the organization that sold the goods or the services rendered. His full name and the organization name can be prominently displayed (information about the organization must be present by law), are obliged to inform the employees of the store or other entity against who the claim.In the extreme case, enough of the phrase "head of ...(full company name)".
Below you indicate your full name, name and patronymic, post address, zip code, if you want a phone for communication.All this information is usually located in the left or right (in this case, the text is better to move using the tab) at the top corner of the document. At each position usually have a row or more according to need: job title, company, surname, address.Below written are the capital letters of the document title is "CLAIM". It is also possible to "reverse". It is possible for beauty to align the line in the center, but by today's standards of record keeping is optional.
In the informative part of the document describe the circumstances under which a purchase or take advantage of: where, when and with whom you interacted, what was paid and what amount.Specify the circumstances under which found out that the purchased goods or services of poor quality or does not suit you for other reasons. Specify that you are not satisfied.Next go to what you want out of the organization (in this case, refund money in the amount paid for the product or service, figure it is advisable to immediately announce).The best way to refer to the position of the law under which you are obliged to return the money. But, in principle, enough for the references to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
Also indicate that they intend to take in the event of unmotivated refusal to comply with your requirements or neglect to sue in court to seek compensation for non-pecuniary damage, and the attribution of legal costs by the defendant, and against the violation of your rights in state organizations (as a rule, the territorial Department of Rospotrebnadzor).
If you make a claim, some documents (e.g., checks), please list them at the end of the statement.
The final document to print and sign.You can relate it to the organization (shop, service company or the head office of the network of such institutions) in person. In such a case, remove the copies of claim and attached documents and ask to have accepted the claim of the employee on the appropriate note. In case of refusal to accept documents or to make a mark send them to the organization address by post.The letter is better to send with a return receipt requested.

Advice 2 : How to write a letter of complaint to the debtor

Claim activity is of great importance in violation of the terms of the contract entities. The fact that for going to court for collection of the debt according to part 1 of article 151 of the COD required to show proof of attempts of pre-judicial settlement of the dispute, otherwise the claim will not be accepted. In addition properly made a written request to the debtor can force him to settle with you without bringing the matter to trial.
How to write a letter of complaint to the debtor
Prepare all the necessary documents relevant to your situation. That in itself is a contract, acts of acceptance and other documents confirming the fact of violation of the terms of the transaction. In addition, you will need a letterhead of your organization (if any), for registration of the complaint in accordance with enterprise standards office.
The first must specify the details of the addressee. This is the name of the organization, its address, the surname and initials of the head. Next, write in the centre the name of commercial letters "Claim". Start filling the main part of the document describe the subject matter hereof. Here reference is made to the contract, specifying its number, date of conclusion, names of the parties-the contractors, the amount of the transaction.

Describe the violation of the obligations, provide evidence of such (referring to other documents) and the provisions of the agreement, the provisions of which have not been fully performed. Specify the amount to be recovered from the debtor as a result of the violations.
List your requirements against the debtor accordingly. Ask him to make full payment within a specified time. Inform about your intentions to go to court to protect their own interests.
Sign the complaint at the head of the enterprise. To complete the registration procedure official document, register it with the Secretary in an outgoing message according to the rules of the proceedings.
Letter of claim you need to make two copies, one of which will remain with you, and the other will be sent to the debtor.
It is best to send the claim by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The receipt will be proof, in the course of further proceedings, your attempts of pre-judicial settlement of this dispute.
Useful advice
The form of such claim is not subject to any regulatory legal acts. Enough to make it in accordance with the rules of business correspondence. However, there are points required to specify the content of the document, so it is very important issue.
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