The introductory part of the application reserved for the details. It is traditionally located at the top left of the sheet. This part is mandatory. The statement is always written in the name of the first head, so here write title, surname, name and patronymic of Director of the company with which you plan to calculate. Next, specify your own name, residence and phone numbers for contacts.
At the center of the page place the title of the document "Statement" and immediately under it briefly the essence of the appeal: "the refund". In substantial part, describe the situation and circumstances, allowing you to claim reimbursement of the paid amounts. Try to avoid unnecessary details, but focus on the essence of the case. List the facts, refer to confirming the validity of your requirements documents and articles legislation. Enter the desired refund amount, after the words "Please return to me."
In the final part provide possible ways of calculation with you if required. For cashless payment, specify your Bank details for the postage let address. Then list any attached documents or their copies (checks, receipts, certificates, etc.). Check the date of the application and sign.