You will need
  • check;
  • - the statement;
  • - the law on protection of consumer rights;
  • - data on Supervisory and higher authorities.
Collect all the receipts you are given. Without this document, it is almost impossible to prove that you paid the money. Receipts, the contract, the warranty card should be stored, while there is a validity period.
Read the terms of service. By law they must be available to each client. Please contact the company asking to show you the rules if not able to discover them for yourself. You will be able to appeal to this document in the event of a conflict. Threaten that you will contact the regulatory authorities. A contact there with a complaint if you do not return the money.
Write a written complaint, if the quality of the service you are not satisfied. In it, specify when, where and what service was given. Clarify the reasons why you require a refund. Refer to article 29 of the law "On consumer protection" and demand compensation of the caused harm. You have the right to free elimination of defects, proportionate reduction in the cost of services rendered for re-execution of the work. Perhaps reimbursement of expenses that you incurred, independently correcting identified shortcomings of the service rendered or resorting to the help of others. don't settle for other options besides a refund. Argues the fact that you are not satisfied with the quality of work, and you don't want to take more risks.
Operate similarly and in that case, if the service was not provided, and the money from your account cheated. Typically, such situations arise with mobile operators. In a written complaint to specify that the so-called service activation without your consent. Said that in this case the actions of the provider may be qualified as fraud under article 159 of the criminal code. And demand an immediate refund. Such a message can be written on the website of your mobile operator in the section on feedback from subscribers or their support.
Contact your lawyer if you have any problems with the refund. Departments for the protection of the rights of consumers in the municipalities provide a free consultation. Look at specialized public organizations that are engaged in customer support until the trial. But be careful: this service may also be substandard. Why not give the money up front, agree to pay for the work only to achieve the result.