The most modern method is laser resurfacing. This procedure is performed only in beauty salons or clinics and allows you to almost completely remove the scar of any complexity, regardless of how long ago you got it. The use of laser is quite expensive, but using this method you can be guaranteed to get rid of scars on any part of your body.
To cope with traces of burns will help and various ointments, such as "Panthenol", "Contractubex", "Syntomycin", "Solcoseryl", "Actovegin", "Mederma". Be patient and use these remedies regularly for at least two months, otherwise, all these ointments are ineffective.
Folk medicine recommends to treat fresh burns cut fresh potatoes. Very good juice and leaves of aloe Vera. You can use it in different ways. If you want to be treated by the juice, then cut a few leaves of the plant, chop them, wrap in cheesecloth and squeeze juice into the Cup. Handle the place of a burn with aloe juice twice a day until the disappearance of the spots. You can also make compresses of gauze soaked in the juice. Some use the leaves of the plant: they must be cut in half lengthwise, make a cut to scar and to fix bandage.
The trace of the burn , you can also exfoliate calcium chloride. Based on this principle such cosmetic procedure as rolling, which you can drink in the cabin.
If the place of injury remains a dark stain, you can use castor oil which has a whitening effect. This property also has the juice and zest of a lemon, which you can use to create special masks. The recipe is quite simple: take one part beeswax and two parts of butter, heat the mixture in a water bath, stirring constantly until you get a homogeneous mass. Add the juice of half a lemon or chopped lemon zest and apply on the place burn. The wax softens the skin, oil nourishes the damaged area and lemon juice whitens pigment spots.
If you remove the trail from the burn itself does not work or the scar is too large, contact a specialist - a surgeon or dermatologist. Doctors will prescribe you a course of treatment and if necessary refer to the procedure.