You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • phone;
  • - treatment in police custody;
  • - representation of the mobile operator.
Download in Internet and install to your computer any of the electronic telephone directories. A good example of such programs is the "Doublegis". It provides extensive information on all of the major cities of Russia, and in addition, it provides data countries of Italy and Kazakhstan. In the "Doublegis" is also provided the possibility of on-line work, there is a version of online for mobile phones.
To begin using the program "Doublegis" or similar telephone directories, select the town search, enter in a special field interface of a resource known to you telephone number and click "Search". The program window contains a map on which is marked the desired location with the exact address (if the appropriate information is in the database of this version).
Go to the website "telpoisk" telephone directory of St. Petersburg. Enter in the fields the phone number of a wanted person and click "Search". If this database contains the information you need, it will appear on the screen after a few seconds.
Please call the number a Single information service on the territory of Russia – 09 or 090 if you make call from your mobile phone.
Open the website of the telephone directory of St. Petersburg "". In the field provided, enter the number of the phone that you are looking for, click "Search".
Contact the police if the person being sought has violated the law. The authorities more powers, and it is likely that they will find the right person.
If you search for mobile number, please contact the appropriate representative office of the cellular operator with the question of how you can find the information you need. Keep in mind that common now mobile services "Locator" and "Spy" give only the approximate location of the person in a specific period of time, and with his consent.