The first option that comes to mind to many is to use paper telephone directories. Unfortunately, they are often contains no longer relevant information.
A more convenient alternative to paper manuals – handbooks electronic. Specify whether your computer has installed the electronic version of the dictionary phones. If not, find the version you need, download and install, if required.
Go to This resource has a huge number of phone numbers of major (and not so) cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Latvia.
The first digit of the complete number is area code (operator). For example, the residents of Novosibirsk all landline numbers begin +7383. Thus, the code for Novosibirsk – 383. Knowing this code, you can easily find what city is home to the sought person. Then just enter the phone number in a dedicated field, as well as additional data required, if you have those. Although it is usually sufficient just numbers that the system gave you the exact address and person indicated on the housing.
Such sites on the Internet a lot, but in contrast to this, many of them require registration and/or charge for the provision of data a certain amount of money. Finding a particular website through a search engine, enter the requested details and your mobile phone number, then press the search button. After a while your phone will receive a message with the access code to the system. Entering it in a special window, log in, and then get the desired data.
And the last source of information you need – the social network. Type in the field, designed to search a phone number and you will receive a link to the page the right person. But this will work only if it is indicated in the profile of your room and hid his privacy settings.