You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
In a large city is hard enough to find the address of the person using the phone number. In particular, St. Petersburg is home to nearly five million people, and most of them are every day dealing with communication, talking to regular or mobile phone. To find among this set of devices are needed and find its location – it is challenging, but doable. In that case, if the number begins with the digits "8 – 812", and "8 – 9**"then you will need to first figure out which operator it belongs to. For this you can use the services of a standard reference, which is the number 09. The next step is to contact the cellular company that supports the room.
In that case, if the number is landline, you need to find out whether it belongs to a legal entity or physical. On the Internet you can find quite a large number of resources, which represent a kind of reference of all organizations registered on the territory of St. Petersburg. One of the most extensive databases of 2gis which is updated every 30 days and contains the latest information about the enterprises of the Northern capital.
If you are not able to find a room in such directories, most likely it belongs to a person and then the search is considerably simplified. You can get the information you need through multiple databases located on the Internet. But the use of such guides is not legitimate. In addition, there is no guarantee their relevance at the moment. If the above methods do not help, you can contact the Central address Bureau, located at Taurian, 39. Your task – to come to this organization and fill out the required application form, then you will be able to obtain the necessary information.