Go to the website The top of the page is the main search form. It consists of two fields that you must fill out: "What to look for and Where to look." Knowing only the phone company, you can find information about it only through the advanced search form. Activate it by pressing the corresponding label.
The field "Phone code" and "Number phone", this will allow you to search for the company, knowing only its phone number and not having information about the phone code. Search the database by the query that is typed in one field, and across multiple queries in a number of fields, if you are aware of any additional data such as the name of the city or the second number of the telephone organization you are searching for.
Enter the number of the phone and fill in the additional fields. Click "Find" and our system will search for the exact combination of numbers of firms that you entered. According to the results of the performed search, all companies with similar numbers will be shown in a list which you can scroll through the preview mode. Each page displays 10 records with the details of the companies.
You can narrow your search by entering in a geographical region where your business is located. It can be set by using the phone code in ABC format, which bound to different regions of Russia. This you can do if before performing "Whose room is this" plug in additional filter "Select region" and select from the list the intended region where the company was sought. These steps should be done before you go into the advanced search mode.