You will need
  • - announcement of purchase;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • services real estate Agency.
If you have limited funds, focus on less popular places. For example, a house in the village in 30 km from Moscow will cost much more than the same housing located far from Metropolitan areas and large cities.
In the same village can be a different price of the home. It depends on how long ago built the building, the condition of the house, whether it has any amenities (gas, water), available in the courtyard of outbuildings (barn, garage, etc.) and the size of the adjacent land.
If you decide in what village want to buy a house, be sure to go there. View of the house, talk to the locals. Rural people are usually more talkative of the city and will gladly tell you about where and what is sold. Please note on the Bulletin Board or other objects performing its role - it can be the pillars, fences, doors, village store, etc. generally, all such information is located in the centre of the village – close to local club, shop, hospital.
When choosing a home be sure to pay attention to the condition of roads and power lines. If the road is unpaved, in the roads, you are guaranteed a problem with the entrance to the house. The old grid promises shortages of electricity. If you are not afraid, be sure to specify the owner sold the house to these shortcomings and offer to lower the price. The reason for the price decline could be the distance from the center of the village.
Make and place in public places of the village your ad about wanting to buy a house. Specify the limits of what amount you are ready to make a purchase. Check whether you need any amenities, outbuildings, etc.
A similar ad give on the pages of Internet resources dedicated to the sale of real estate. Also, set the search string options you need and find the desired property in the section, "Sold".
Give them an ad about wanting to buy a cheap house in the village in the local newspaper of the area where you want to make a purchase, or a real estate Agency located in the nearest to the village town.