For land under the cottage purchase houseIR in the nearby village. This is the cheapest option. Because it is already a kind of road, a power line, in the yard dug a pit, so that light and water you have already provided. Purchased houseIR will serve you first as temporary shelter – to shelter from the weather, storage tool. So in terms of initial costs is made, proceed with the construction of a country house.
Start with the layout of the Foundation. If square footage allows, it is advisable to build a house in one level closer to the ground. The Foundation is better to make a strip of concrete, reinforced with a metal grid.
For its production dig the trench for pre-made markup. Black land use for the beds and collect clay and stored in one place. To save something on the cement, gravel and sand is unlikely to succeed. You can only win on paying the workforce. In order to pour the Foundation, you can call friends and relatives. The work is hard, but do not require special skills.
After the concrete hardens, make the waterproofing. Now align the Foundation walls of red brick - make the base. Then put another layer of waterproofing.
Here comes a time in construction when it's safe to say that cheaper walls that you will build can be found. Proceed to the installation of the wood frame. Around the perimeter of the basement lay the strapping timber. Plumb install a wooden bruski section 50х75 mm. Distance between bars, the thickness of the walls are 30-40 cm Distance between a pair of bars - 70-80 cm
The clay is extracted by digging trenches for the Foundation, put in a container, mash and add water. After some time in this clay the milk, lower the straw and let it soak in this solution.
After impregnation lay the straw on a lattice or grid. Allow to drain the excess moisture.
Now, impregnated with clay mortar, the straw in place in a casing, fixed on the vertical bars of the frame. Mass seal manual rammer, let it dry.
When the wall "grab", remove the formwork and move it to the next place. And so as long as the height of all the walls reach the desired size.
This is a big saving in construction ends. Then make a normal attic floor, install truss system. On it mount the crate and lay the roof.
Inner and outer finish walls make according to your taste. Lay the floor. Mount the water supply system, electricity, install plumbing appliances, electrical boiler and heat radiators.
Your country house is ready!