All that's left in your apartment after the repair or change of furniture, you can safely keep on giving and giving things a second life. Old beds and sofas will come in handy in the bedroom, which is in the village need to have the necessary. Most of the time at the cottage is usually performed on the street, the houseOh we are back basically to sleep. So even if your homee just one room, make it from the bedroom.
If you have a cottage, wooden floors and log walls, it is not necessary to invent anything, make it the highlight of your interior. Lay in the room a variety of different mats, it is better if they are knitted or sewn from scraps – so you will emphasize the beauty of your rustic home. Good fit and animal skins. They can be purchased in store and not have to buy real fur – cloth simulation will look fine. The skin can be made from an old, long-you don't need coats. Just lay her on the floor, cutting the desired shape and finish the edges so they don't crumble – a stylish rug to give ready.
For the holidays, guests often bring gifts, paintings, vases, candles and other nice things, for which the apartment sometimes not enough room, and throw their hand is not raised. Take them to the country. Make the room a few shelves and put on them all the statues, breed pictures, wall hangings and photo frames – rustic interior design all of this will create a special comfort.
Hang it on the window and the tulle curtains. The curtain can be done independently from a beautiful floral fabric. Take three rectangles: two for curtains, one for the pelmet. Pattern for pelmets need to do at least twice the width of the window to get a nice fold. The curtains also need to do one and a half times wider so closed they were not strained. Finish the edges of fabric to thread, didn't crumble and make a loop for the curtains. Then cut two rubber bands with a length of twenty inches and two rectangles of floral fabric measuring five to thirty centimeters. Stretching the elastic, sew it to a strip of fabric and then sew the ends. You get a beautiful ruffle for curtains. Hang them on the window and collect with ruffles at the level of the sill. Beautiful curtains in the country style ready, decorate them in all the Windows and doorways.
Hang it in the room beautiful woven lampshade or tie his hook, obtenus wire frame. Lay out a variety of knitted and embroidered napkins. Put in the room table, well, if he is round and cover it with a tablecloth handmade.
Sofas and beds also adorn different warm and fluffy blankets or quilts made in patchwork technique. Put a lot of pillows, which will be nice to take a NAP.
If your househas a terrace or at least a spacious porch, make it a summer kitchen. Just put the table and chairs and hang on the Windows of lightweight tulle, so as not to block the view from the window. A great addition the kitchen will be a big samovar.
If you have a houseand there is a Russian stove, it will become an excellent element of the interior. Whiten it, hang floral curtains, put the top quilt. If desired, put on the side neat the ladder – so you will be comfortable to climb on the stove to to relax and warm up in the cold rainy day.
Beautiful and functional decorations will be old iron pots of various sizes and other Antiques that you can find in the attic or in other outbuildings of your home.