Property outside the city is increasing in price every year. But to buy a house is still possible. And it will be a long-term investment in the resale in ten or fifteen years will bring some dividends.
The cheapest housing is located far from the cities. If proximity to city is not important, choose a house in a small administrative center. The entire infrastructure, hospital, shops, clubs will be available. At the same time close to nature and very inexpensive. Just look for the developing towns. Property in abandoned villages worth a penny. But soon nothing will remain, and sell if desired, purchased a house you can not.
Transport accessibility - one of the key value points. If you get home only by car as the nearest public transport stop is very far, it will cost less than similar properties, but more conveniently located.
Home without Central communications are cheaper than equipped. If you do not plan to live in the country all year round, it is possible to do without a sewage - and replacing it with a composting toilet and no gas equipment - you can cook on the hotplate.
If you buy a property in a city you've never seen before, it is unlikely to know that there are several types of land where to build houses. Mostly under construction give agricultural land and settlement land. Housing built on a plot belonging to the first type will be much cheaper. The reason is that there can not be registered. The structure can only be used as a summer residence. To spend if you wish, Central communications will be problematic. Therefore, the land settlements where the registration and the construction of major houses are more expensive.
Look for the announcement of the immediate sale. Sometimes property owners need the money as soon as possible. Then to buy a house, arrange all the parameters can be very profitable.