The cheapest houseand in the villages, located 150-200 km from the big city, especially if the village is large enterprises and little jobs. Young able-bodied people dream to go to the big city at any cost and sell you a house very cheap.
Near large cities you can pick up a cheap houseif it requires major repair and housing difficult to reach due to the lack of access roads with a firm covering. Also the price of property is significantly lower if the village has no Central communications and they do not plan to fail in the near future.
If you want to buy a house in the village is cheap, it find purchase options own, without resorting to intermediaries. Professional services can account for 25% of the property value. An independent search houseand will cost you much cheaper.
If you don't want to ring up thousands of ads, then place in the mass media your ad with your contact details for communication of all requirements to the price of real estate. You will be calling only those potential sellers, the cost of housing which you are completely satisfied.
Very good house with good road access, with all communications, close to the town you will be able to purchase purely by accident. These options offer people who want to leave and they have no time to sell the property at market price or wait for the real estate Agency will look for buyers. But a purchase option is an exception to the rule.
Almost all the villagers in the summer season are very reluctant to sell the house. After harvest the house in the village you will be able to buy much cheaper than at the height of the summer season, so plan a purchase in late fall or winter.