The employee must sign the order of dismissal. If he doesn't want to do and refuses signature, the employer in the presence of two witnesses shall be the act. The witnesses sign the document, and then copy of the order is given to the employee. It is better to carry out this procedure in the presence of the employee.
Then the employee is given a work book in which is inscribed the reason for the dismissal, the date and signature of the employer. Dismissed person also shall sign a receipt book and takes her with him. The obligation to return the document rests with the employer. If the employee is absent for any reason, at work, or sick, the employer must return the book by any means within three days from the date of issuance of the order.
The HR Department could send the labor book in the mail. In this case, the employee is sent notification that it should come at a specific time and day at the former place of work and pick up the document by hand. In order to prove this action need to send a letter or telegram by registered letter with notification. Getting from work request, you need to pick up the document, the employee should notify the employer that he agreed to come or to Express consent to forward employment record mail.
If the fired person wants to have forwarded to the owner by mail, the employer must consider that these documents better to send a valuable parcel or a registered letter with notification. Thus, there will be a guarantee of safety of the document and its delivery to the addressee.
If the employee does not agree to wait for labor to the owner by mail, the employer must take steps personal its delivery. This can be done by visiting the residence of the employee or of his call on the former site of the work by phone or Internet. The employee can demand compensation for each day of delay in issuing employment record. To avoid this, you need to prepare for the results of the document and prevent possible conflicts.