You will need
  • - passport and copy;
  • photos 3,5x4,5;
  • - questionnaire in two copies;
  • - copy or original of the work book;
  • - birth certificate copy (for children);
  • - passport and copy of page with photo (if available);
  • - pension certificate and a copy (for pensioners);
  • receipt about payment of state duty;
  • - documents supporting your authority (for Trustees and guardians).
For registration the passportand refer to the Federal Migration service Department. Fill out two copies of the application form with legible handwriting in blue or black ink. Reassure the questionnaire at the place of service or last job. Please submit copy of employment record. If you're not working, then please present the original of the work book. Also you must present a valid passport and a photocopy of it, removed from all pages, 4 photos size 3,5x4,5. If you live in the suburbs, you will need 6 photos.
Men must present a military ID and a copy of or a certificate from the recruiting office, if you are in the conscription age. In the Russian Federation is considered to be enlistment age from 18 to 27 years.
If you have a passport expired or current term, then submit the original and a photocopy of the photo page.
Pensioners must present the original and a copy of the pension certificate.
You will also need to pay the state duty in the amount existing at the time of registration of the passport.
For registration of biometric passports will present all these documents. The only difference is the amount of the registration fee, which is 2.5 times higher, but its duration is 10 years.
To issue a passport to a child under 14 years of age complete the form, present your passport and a photocopy of the birth certificate of the child and a photocopy. After 14 years – passport and a photocopy. If you are a guardian or Trustee, please submit a document confirming your authority and a photocopy of the payment receipt of state duty for registration.
Passport you place for 3-8 weeks, once we sort out all the information about you.
To refuse to issue a passportor, if you have a conviction, you are of military age or have restrictions on departure.