Note that sometimes the timing of production of a passport, in fact, not meet the prescribed by law. According to the norms of 30 days from the date of filing. Especially noticeable is the discrepancy in the summer when the number of people wishing to obtain a passport is significantly increased.
During this period, the standard approach you'll need more than two months. Well, if you have complications in the form of a criminal record, lack of employment record or work with access to state secrets, then feel free to add to these terms, even fourteen days.
Be aware that the law provides for special circumstances in which you are required to make passport within three working days. Will be taken into consideration the following cases definitely documented:
1. You or someone you are accompanying, require urgent travel abroad for medical operations.
2. You need to cross the border due to the fact that there relative is seriously ill, or suffered death.
3. You have the need to transport the bodies outside the country.
Not accepted as a special reason such as a burning permit, a fixed-term contract and some others. What to do and how to accelerate the process of making the passport in such cases? Here come to the aid of mediation legal organizations that take on the execution of foreign passports in a short time.
Remember, the nuances are numerous, and leave it to the experts to trust their decision. For a fee they will help you with the filling, preparation of necessary documents and overcoming some other obstacles. Thanks to their business connections, significantly reducing the time for obtaining the travel document. But there are factors that under this approach affect the timing of obtaining the passport.
Think about whether you need a biometric passport. Its production will be delayed, even in the case of cooperation with intermediaries. This is due to the complexity of its production. The document of the old sample will not require as much time as in this case, you need only enter data on the owner and attach a photo. In addition, in such a passport it is easy to add information about their children. In the biometric version of this is not provided.
Please note that guests are not at the place of residence is another obstacle to urgent passport. The law States that in this case you will receive the passport only after four months.