You will need
  • questionnaire;
  • - copy of internal passport;
  • - copy of employment record;
  • - copy of military ID.
Determine whether you need old-style passport or the biometric passport. Ask, does the biometric passport in your FMS. Specify the list of necessary in these cases documents.
Complete the application form in 2 an instance on a computer or typewriter. Or write by hand and then refined after the submission of documents who provide services for the design of the questionnaire. Usually for an additional cost you can print a statement or tell me where to do it. Or use to apply on the issuance of the passport the state service portal (but remember that take the help of Internet, you can only when you apply, bring all other documents required in person).
Specify in the application form, name and if you changed them, then enter the date and location change personal data. If you have not changed, and specify in the questionnaire, "did Not change". Place of birth specify exactly as you have written in the passport. List in the fifth paragraph, all the data on place of residence, including zip code, and home phone. In the paragraph about the purpose of obtaining a passport , enter "temporary visits abroad".Please fill out the box with information about the work and study over the last 10 years. If you have gaps in your employment history, make additional records: specify what to and what time you are temporarily not working. Because at the moment you officially did not work, specify in the questionnaire that currently you are temporarily not working. If you have no employment record, it is necessary to submit documents to the FMS, and not to the passport office. Unlike working people, you do not need to certify the questionnaire at work. The application form will assure the employee of the FMS.
Answering the questions, write only accurate information, otherwise you may be refused a passport.
Sign the application form. If you are a student and you have no employment record, sign the form in the Dean's office. Pay legal costs.
Return all documents to the passport office at the place of residence or FMS . Come in the specified period and get a passport. Don't forget to bring your passport and old foreign, if its validity has not yet expired. If the validity of the passport expired, but it remains a valid visa, write a statement asking them not to withdraw the passport.