You will need
  • - application form;
  • - baby photos on matte paper of size 3,5x4,5 cm;
  • - birth certificate of the child (and photocopy);
  • - a document confirming citizenship of the Russian Federation (and photocopy);
  • - passport of the legal representative (photocopy);
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
Now the Russians have the ability to issue a passport of one of two types: old or new. The new passport contains a chip with biometric data of the owner, it's impossible to fake. The validity period is twice as old passports is 10 years. Also it has more clean sheets for affixing a visa. But to obtain it you will need to pay the state fee in a larger size.
First, contact the local office of the FMS and write the application-questionnaire of standard pattern. It prints on two sides of a sheet. Fill out the application you need either by means of electronic computer equipment, or by hand in legible handwriting (or printed) in black ink.
Since the child is not 14 years old, all documents must be completed by the parents. In the case of their absence, this responsibility rests with his legal representatives, guardians or Trustees. notarized Documents confirming these privileges necessarily attached to the application.
Take the completed application form, photos for the passport (for passport of the old sample they need 2 pieces of size 3,5x4,5 cm, for 1 new piece), the receipt on state duty payment, the birth certificate of the child and a document confirming Russian citizenship (and photocopy of each). Do not forget your passport of the legal representative and a photocopy of it. By the way, the presence of a child when filing for registration of the passport of the new sample is necessary.
The deadline for receipt of the passportand of the filing of the application with the required documents at the place of residence is not more than one month. If you have applied at the place of actual residence or presence within four months.