You will need
  • - 2 of the application form;
  • - 4 PCs photos 3,5x4,5;
  • - internal passport with copy of all pages;
  • - copy of labor book (the unemployed and pensioners - the original and a copy);
  • old passport with photocopy of page with personal data;
  • - pension certificate and its copy (pensioners);
  • - photocopy of military ID or help from the military (men aged 18-27 years).
Take the departments two blank application forms. They can also be downloaded online on the official website of the migration service. If you want to get a passport of the old sample, the questionnaire can be filled in black pen by hand. It is important to do this without abbreviations, corrections and errors. For the document of new generation will require the application, completed with the use of technical means, simply put, printed.
Application forms must be certified at your place of work. Students must contact the Secretary of the institution. If a citizen does not work and does not study, questionnaires to assure do not need. Please note that the statement is valid for ten days, so once full, do not delay going to the FMS.
Pay the state fee. The amount and payment details can be found on the official website of the Federal migration service or appearing in person at the nearest unit. If the Bank details is constant, the amount of payment depends on what specimen you will receive. If the passport issued to a minor, the payment amount will be several times less.
A complete package of documents should be disposed of in one of the divisions of the Federal migration service:

- Krasina street, 21;

- World street, 16;

- street of 50 years of the USSR, 50.
If you get a passport the old model, then both entries should be affixed to your photos. If you apply for a new biometric document, prepared in advance, pictures are not needed. Pictures will be made at the time of submission of the application form.
Term of registration of the passport for up to a month, so apply in advance need to leave he was ready. If you are going to get a passport at the place of residence and not by place of residence, apply early, as the period of registration of the passport in this case may take up to four months.