You will need
  • documents, time, money
To obtain the coveted document, please contact the OUFMS (OVIR). There you must come with a prepared package of documents.
First of all, you'll need the application form in two copies. Its form can be downloaded on the website of the FMS. It must be printed at 100% scale on one sheet with a turnover. In the application form in block letters with ink blue or black or using the computer fill in details about yourself – name, date and place of birth, place of residence, nationality, place of work, purpose for obtaining passport etc.
Also, bring your passport, work book or a certificate of employment, the previously issued passport, 4 black-and-white or colour photographs (3.5 x 4.5 cm full face without headgear (except where the availability of the headgear required for religious reasons). Military personnel must provide permission command, and the men 18-27 years – military ticket with a mark about the termination of service or certificate of the military Commissariat.
If you want to make in your passport of the new sample data on children or issue the same documents to them, you will need their birth certificate. For certain categories of citizens required the presence of some of the documents, their list can be found on the website of public services.
Pay fee in the amount of 2500 rubles (get a new passport with the electronic data carrier) or 1,000 (old-style passport) and attach the receipt to the rest of the documents.
If all the papers are collected and framed properly, the employee OUFMS will take your statement and issue an appropriate certificate. Not more than a month (if you apply by place of residence) or four months (the statement at the place of registration), your passport will be issued.