Advice 1: How to get a passport in Krasnodar

To obtain a passport in Krasnodar in two ways. First - collect the necessary documents and submit them for registration to the regional Department of the Federal migration service. The second is to register on the online portal of state services and send the application form in electronic form.
How to get a passport in Krasnodar
Citizens of Russia for registration of the passport must provide the following documents:

- application for issuance of a passport (it can be printed with the official Management portal of the Federal migration service);

- passport;

- receipt of payment of the fee (the registration document of the old sample is worth one thousand rubles, the biometric passport - two thousand five hundred roubles);

- photo - document of a new sample - two pieces, for passports of the old sample - three pieces. Photo you can use any color or black and white. Importantly, they were matte and the image in the oval and feather. The photo on the biometric passport is a special unit in the Department of Management of Federal Migratory service at the time of delivery of documents. The pictures brought with them, the need for the questionnaire to be stored in the archive;

military ID with the record of completion of the service. Or help from the military. These documents must show only men eighteen to twenty seven years;

- resolution of the command, written in the prescribed manner (only for members of the armed forces of the Russian Federation;

- a previously issued passport, if its validity has not yet expired.
For the child must apply for a separate passport. Children, recorded in the documents of the parents, are not produced abroad.
Collect the required set of documents and contact the district office of the Federal migration service. Their addresses, telephone numbers and schedule a pre-view on the website Learn about the passport and ask questions on visas and citizenship, and also in on-line reception. Meets the user the head of the Federal migration service for Krasnodar Krai every Wednesday, from ten to twelve in the morning.
The office will check whether you have filled the application form and all documents collected. If no complaints, will be issued a passport. To take him through the month.
To apply for the registration of the international passport through a portal register. The procedure is performed in three stages. A message about registering on the site comes to email. By clicking on the link, you will be taken to a page with the created account. Then the confirmation request you will receive on your mobile phone. Then at the place of residence will receive a letter with description of your further actions. Enter the envelope password in the portal to have the opportunity to complete an application for the issuance of passports.
A set of documents collected to obtain a passport have to take to the district Department of the Federal migration service in person. But to stand in queues do not have. Specialist paperwork will contact you in advance and assign the time and date of transmission of the originals.
A new passport will be made within seven working days after the delivery of the documents to the office of the Federal migration service. To extradite him, be sure to pack a passport.
SCHEDULE of the registration of foreign passports of new generation (biometric) at the reception located at the address: Krasnodar, street of Communards 266, phone: (861) 224-26-74. 13.07.2010 Receipt of payment of state duty. Payment document confirming payment of the state duty for the passport.
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Required documents: 1. The application for a passport in two copies; 2. Russian passport; 3. Copies of all completed pages of the passport of the Russian Federation; 4. Receipt of payment of state fee; 5. Photocopies of all pages of labor book. Application for passport can be done in the office No. 41, in the street the police (Department UFMS of Russia of Krasnodar Krai in the Karasunsky district of Krasnodar), in the trailer.

Advice 2 : How to find a passport made or not

A passport is a document certifying the identity of a citizen Russia outside the country. It needs to be every person going abroad. If you have already started its execution, it is possible to know about his readiness in different ways.
How to find a passport made or not
Please contact the office of the Federal migration service, which you have submitted the documents for registration of the passport. This can be done by phone. His number you can find in the directories of organizations in your city or via the website of the Federal migration service - home page browse an interactive map. It select your city, click on it and get a list of FMS in the region. There are addresses, hours and phone numbers. This will help you to contact the Secretary regarding the readiness of your documents. When you call you will need to call the surname, name and patronymic and the date when you passed your documents to a passport. If you are after multiple attempts were unable to get through to the organization, come there in person. Usually questions about the readiness of the passport , you can specify the queue.
Guided by the stated time of manufacturing of passports. This is normally one month, but in some cases, the timing change. For example, if you do not live in the region where you have permanent residence, the time interval is increased to three months. Also more time will it take to check the application for passport, if correction of the person serving in the army.
Find out about availability for your papers online. To go to the FMS in your city using the same interactive map. Use it to navigate to your region. Some of them have the opportunity to learn the status of your application and place a queue on an individual basis. For this you will need to indicate the surname, name and patronymic, as well as a special number that is given to confirm that you are the real future owner of the passport.
Useful advice
If you need to make a passport in a shorter period than a month, there are special organizations that are ready for an additional fee to take the design of your documents. But be careful and beware of scammers,since the responsibility in case of use of fake documents will lie including their owner.

Advice 3 : How to draw up documents for delivery to the archive

The paperwork for delivery to the archive is carried out after the end of the year. Therefore, prepare documents for storage in connection with the established rules. Depending on the storage time, as well as the value of the documents of the case issued in full or in a simplified system.
clearance of documents
Make a range of cases for documents temporary storage (up to 10 years). Check the correctness of the case (if there are any documents with a permanent retention period). Business leave on the folders, they need to be systematized nomenclature of Affairs and to number them is not required. In the files of the case shall be at the range of.
For cases of long-term storage (over 10 years)is:
1. Back cover case ( solid filed in a folder or cover of durable thread four puncture or can be twisted).
2. Numbering of pages (black lead pencil in the upper right corner, not touching the text of the document).
3. Compilation of page of labels (indicate how many sheets hemmed, if there's any damage, sign and put date).
4. Drafting internal documents inventory (for businesses with highly valuable documents, personal, forensic and investigative Affairs, etc.). At the end of the inventory, indicate the number of documents in the case and the number of sheets of inventory.
5. The execution of all details of the cover of the case (name of institution, structural subdivisions, office index of deeds, the title of the case, the retention period of the case.
For documents of permanent or long term storage, make an inventory. It should include individual case number, as well as reveal the title of the case, its content and composition. The inventory also must specify the retention period of the case. Specify the number of cases and the number of the first and last things and sign and date. For business personnel, a separate inventory.
Hand the prepared case to the archive. Worker of archive in your presence check of the item or inventory number of cases, will make the inscription page, write down the number of missing cases put a date of acceptance-transfer of Affairs. The inventory shall be endorsed by signatures of the persons who carried out the handover of cases.
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