If you have your own page in one of the most popular at the moment social networks such as "Twitter", "Classmates" and "My world", probably will not again faced with a tempting offer "to be invisible". This option allows users within a certain period of time to visit the pages of other users anonymously. Of course, it connects for a fee. Some time ago to calculate the "invisible" could relatively easily just by looking at the HTML code of the page. Now, unfortunately, this feature is easy to use has become unavailable. Therefore, it remains to use psychological ways.
If you have a good memory and can easily memorize all visitors to its website over the last couple of days, to calculate the "invisible" benefit of the following quite effective way. In the first place carefully examine the list of their guests. The bottom line is that if you "sign" your friend Peter Ivanov from your account, and today he hooked the option "invisible" and has written you any nasty or, conversely, a Declaration of love, his old avatar disappears from the guest list.
To calculate the "invisible" much more difficult, if this person did not visit your page before. So if he's strong, he's not bothering you, but only visited occasionally, then just don't pay any attention to him. If he is constantly writing you and all his behavior shows that lag is not going to try to think logically and understand who your real friends are able to do it. Sometimes it happens that the "invisible man" does not allow to live, in this case, please contact the moderators of the website, by filling in the form.