You will need
  • browser;
  • connection to the Internet.
Try to find the login page on the website function authorization through social networks, if you have an account in any. Usually they look like the icons with images of the logos of the sites. This will help you to avoid the registration procedure, which usually takes a lot of time. The last time this type of authorization has become very popular on various resources, since not only has a positive effect on the statistics of number of visitors, but much easier to log on to the website for the latest.
If the forum or the website does not provide availability of the quick login through the social network, try another method. Open the page in the browser that provides the user access to the source code of the page. It could be Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome.
From a page with a hidden desired text, press the right mouse button on the free area and select the menu item "Show page source". You will see a small window with a bunch of strange symbols interspersed with words and links.
Carefully run your eyes along the text and find the hidden text. If it's a link, search for them, in turn copying each one into the address bar of the browser.
Register online to view the hidden text. Some of them, unfortunately, this is the only way to obtain interesting information. However, very rarely, but still happens that the user does not receive access to data, and after authorization on the website. He offered to get a certain rating or write a certain number of messages.
Never forget that the Internet is very easy to find the information that is on one resource is likely to be and on the other, so do not limit yourself to multiple choice sources when searching for specific data.