You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
If you get tired of someone of such "invisible" regularly visiting your page, and you have matured the decision to calculate this incognito, you need to go to take decisive action.
Previously, it was possible to see "invisible"by looking at the HTML code of the page, as was a similar feature in "My world", "Classmates", "Vkontakte". But now this opportunity, alas, was unavailable. It remains to apply more psychological ways.
If you have a good memory and remember all their guests over the past few days, try the next method. Check carefully the guest list. The point is that if yesterday you "came" classmate Peter Ivanov from your account, and today he's under the guise of "invisible" you wrote a taunt or a Declaration of love, his old portrait will disappear from the guest list.
The situation is more complicated if the "invisible" didn't come to you sooner. If much you are not annoying, and visited only occasionally, it is possible not to pay attention to him. If he started a conversation with you and is not going to lag, try to guess who the real friends can do it.
Remember, maybe recently, you've had some kind of conflict or you said something bad about someone "third party". Maybe you brought someone to the blacklist or you are in this from any man.
If man is "invisible" very much prevents to live, contact the moderators by filling in the appropriate form. Clearly and concisely explain their claims, you will be helped. No, the name of the invisible man, you, unfortunately, will never know, but on your page it will not fall. For example, in the "Classmates" is service support, which will certainly consider all your claims and will fully close the access of this person to your website.