Wear wool pants and sweater and climb under the covers. And better under two blankets. If the heat outside is over 20 degrees, the effect will be maximum. Under a blanket you need to spend 40 minutes. Then you can measure the temperature - it will be higher by half a degree.
Engage in physical exercise. Run, jump, dance vigorously. Good also pushups, pullups, squats. You need to breath and understand that you can't do it. In this case, the thermometer will give you a reading above 37 degrees.
Drink hot tea, it is better with raspberry jam or with honey. You have to drink five pints without respite. Body temperature in this case could jump to 38 degrees. However, the effect will quickly disappear: in 10 minutes you will be back to normal.
To rise temperature good steam room. Moreover, this method of increase in body temperature not only safe, but also beneficial to health. You are welcome to relax in the bath shall not less than half an hour. The temperature in the steam room is about 100 degrees. The increased body temperature after the steam room can hold about an hour.
The easiest method to raise temperature is to measure it in the armpit, and in another part of the body. It is known that the temperature depends on where it is measured. Shove a thermometer, for example, in your mouth in a healthy person it will definitely show above 37 degrees.